Summer of LOVE

To most people, Mondays are the dreaded day of the week that many wish they could fast forward. This day of the week is all too often associated with negative terms and feelings. I too have been guilty of having a case of the Mondays but complaining about it only allows the negative energy to linger around the day. Instead of spreading Monday blues, let's spread some sunshine!

One simple solution.....sing You Are My Sunshine!!!

According to the beloved parenting coach Emily McMason, the 57 seconds it takes to sing You Are My Sunshine is a way to fill our days with sunshine and to start the day off in a positive light. Most Mondays could use a bright & cheery tune anyway. According to Emily, instead of bombarding your little one with a barrage of questions the moment they wake up, "hold them. quietly. sing it softly in their ear. giving them a minute of connection and love sets the whole day up differently. for both of you. It is that easy. That powerful. The magic of sunshine."

It's easy to get lost in the fluster of busy Monday mornings but instead of focusing on what needs to get done, what didn't get done or how things aren't going right, take a moment to yourself to focus on setting positive intentions for the day. Have a quick moment of reflection, positive or negative of the day prior. If your moment of reflection yields something negative that occurred the day before, make it a priority to accept what occurred but grow from it. Then start your day off with a clean slate and the magic of sunshine will ensue.

Spread the magic of sunshine to your loved ones. Holding your little one close and singing to them gently sets the day with love and light. Plus, extra cuddles with your little one are always nourishment for the soul.

Today is Monday. Spread some sunshine and sing the blues away!

Want to join in on the Summer of Love fun and make the summer of 2014 the best go here:

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