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Why THAT Number is Not Important

I know how much I weigh. I know because I’ve been to so many doctor’s appointment and at almost every single one I have to stand on a scale. Sometimes the weight is in kilos, many times the nurse seems to feel an obligation to let me know. But, I really don't care.

Want to know why?

  • That number doesn’t say how strong I am.
  • It does not tell me how tough I am.
  • That number does not take into account how much inflammation I have in my body.
  • It does take into account beautiful breasts, an awesome butt or hips that have brought two children to birth.
  • It does not tell me how much I’ve lost due to surgery and it certainly doesn’t exclude that stupid tumor.

Maybe if I could have a number that quantifies and defines all my awesomeness, that would be cool. But Infinity is big so… I’ll just continue to ignore the scale.

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For our little ones, each fall is a new beginning. So much has happened over the summer: so much growth, so much change, so much being away from routine that going ‘back’ to school feels brand-new. Every year. We know to pack snuggly friends, a change of clothes, and rain boots in their backpacks, but what else do they need for school success?

Here are five strategies to help your child this autumn—whether they are brand-new to school or not.

· Think raindrops, not thunderstorms. Ease your child into the idea of school. In your conversations, mention school here, talk about a new teacher there. Discuss it one sentence at a time, like the drip drip drip of raindrops. A slow introduction to the idea allows children to approach it gently—If we try and talk to them about all aspects at school at once, it is overwhelming. Too much newness creates much too much stress. So say something once, then see if they grab ahold of it. If they want to talk about it, great, if they don’t, let the sentence slide on by.

· Do a drive-by. Before...

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Well, come to think of it, not so easy come or go?! My family and I have been 'visiting' the PNW for the last 4 years. It wasn't an easy transition from the South, a place I still miss dearly. But the bright-eyed and newly married me packed up our SUV with two dogs, a cat, and my willing mom and set out on a cross-country adventure to the beautiful state of Washington.

My husband, Geoff, was stationed out here and was heading back from a year deployment. Even though I was sad to leave my friends, family and the life I'd built behind, I was even more excited to start my life with the man of my dreams.

Ok, honesty only reference to military life (mostly) was my Netflix binge of Army Wives while Geoff was deployed (true story). I laugh now looking back because, well, some of it's kinda true and then the rest is, yep you guessed it, dramatized for tv. *gasp* And maybe this is the Southern hospitality in me, but when I moved into our new home in a cul de sac, I halfway expected SOME type of neighborly greeting followed by a casserole or...


I created If It Does Not Grow – Just Say No: Eatable Activities for Kids for children of all ages to discover how much fun they can have with fruits and vegetables. As a mom, I want my kids to eat healthy foods, and I found myself getting frustrated when they just weren’t interested. That’s when I decided to try a fun-based approach, using enjoyable activities to encourage my kids to eat fruits and vegetables. This simple activity book empowers kids to explore healthy eating and living while helping them see just how much better they will feel eating foods that support their energy.

One of my favorite interactive ways to have kids try new foods is to play the brave game. My kids love this activity because they get to choose if they will test out the new fruit or vegetable, and watch each other’s reactions. Below are the steps for you to guide your kids in the brave exercise:

1.) Ask your kids if they are brave. Of course they will say YES I am brave!

2.) Ensure you have plenty of fruits...

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“Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day.” ~Henri JM Nouwen

Last week, I really struggled with how to start a Stroller Strides class I was teaching…two of my dear friends had lost loved ones, shootings were taking over the national news, and protests of all sorts were springing up everywhere. My heart was (and is) hurting, my head was on overload, and then I am supposed to lead a group of Moms in what we always want to be a safe space.

I needed to feel something different for a while, and guessing the other moms did too, I started class with this: “there is too much sadness in the world this week, so today’s introduction question is: what is one thing that brings you JOY?”

OH. MY. GOSH. I was overwhelmed by their responses…from baby snuggles to a trip to Maine to chocolate to reading a good book to simply being glad they had come to Stroller Strides. Listening to them, my heart filled with JOY.

So, thinking over the last week, here are some of the things that brought me joy.


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Did you miss the first two parts of Sara's Story? Here are parts one and two.

So I want to share something personal. Here's the deal--I hate taking medication, especially pain meds. I'm good with things like antibiotics or even the chemo pills. I get it, it's necessary. However, you'll rarely find me taking over the counter meds because I just hate how they make me feel.

Admitting that I wasn't tolerating the radiation treatments well was a huge challenge. Admitting I need help is a challenge. Asking for help is a whole new challenge and is very hard for me to do.

Here's what I know. I'm tough, I can power through a lot. I can even do it with a smile on my face most of the time, but: my family suffers; my friendships suffer; my quality of life suffers.

I blame our society a bit (& Pinterest). I'm faced with expressions, images and words everywhere that proclaim that the individual is strong and enough....

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You’ve been with me through my eight-week journey each step of the way, through each blog (Comfort Zone, Balance, Food, Anger, I Miss It), and now here I am at the end of my first Body Back Session. In all honesty, you have each added an extra bit of accountability for me and I thank you for that.

I decided it was only fair to share with you THE RESULTS. It’s pretty intimidating, laying it all out there, but here it is by the numbers at the bottom of this page.

One of my friends said to me the other day, so now you got your Body Back and you are done, right?!?! I think my answer was, “HE** NO!” This is just the beginning. Yes, I am thrilled with my...

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As a 36 year-old woman I've known a lot of people much older than myself who have undergone radiation treatments. I know they exist, but I don't know anyone personally my age who has gone through this. I thought you might want to know what goes on and how it feels.

Well, first it's just scary. At least in the beginning. You meet with a doctor who studies the scans and determines the treatment. Everyone is going to be different depending on the type of tumor, location, size. The doctor basically writes a program that a computer executes throughout your treatment determining how much radiation you receive, what angles it's directed at, how long etc.

To get started I went in to the center and a technician laid me down on my back on a table with a CT scanner. My hands were over my head. Then she put what basically amounts to a beanbag under my legs and we squished my legs in till I was pretty comfortable (as comfortable as you can feel on a hard table). Then she used a vacuum to suck all the air out the bag so that the bag holds the shape of my legs. I use this every time...

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So, this past week both my kiddos got sick. My five-month-old daughter was sick Sun-Mon; luckily it was short-lived, but always scary. Then, my almost four-year-old son got sick Monday morning and had his first day of normal eating today. He was the sickest we’ve ever seen him; after the throwing up stopped, he just didn’t rebound. He literally laid in bed for a full day without getting up, he had little interest in food or liquids. It was a battle to keep him from needing an IV. It was scary; it was traumatic (I suspect I’m speaking to the choir here), and the hardest thing of all was how much I missed my little man.

I. MISSED. HIM. I missed his often overly-energetic, super-opinionated, big-hearted, fun-loving, talkative nature. When, one day, he clicked in for about two minutes and laughed about something, I almost cried—he was still in there! Watching him play in the water at a picnic yesterday, I was filled with a deep sense of satisfaction—he was playing again.

We were at a dear friend’s house for a play-date, and I think that kicked him into eating...

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An Introduction: For those of you who don't know, Sara is one of our incredible Stroller Strides instructors, and she's been part of the Fit4Mom Olympia family since 2010. She has two beautiful kids, a wonderful husband, and a very sweet dog. This is her story of fighting a tumor, finding support, learning to ask for help, and of courage to confront the things that scare us the most. We are honored to be able to share it with all of you.

The Tumor...

I have something called a Desmoid Tumor. I hope shortly to say I HAD a Desmoid Tumor. It has been a long, exhausting road.

Way back in 2011 I suffered the always devastating loss of a pregnancy. My Dad had died a few months earlier. It was the Fall. I was sad and empty. And then I found a lump. Not the lump so many woman fear, but a weird lump in my abdomen, just to the left of my belly button. I pretty much ignored it for a month thinking it would disappear. Then I went for a doctor’s visit and my husband insisted I ask about it. In breakneck speed I found myself sitting in...


Dear Moms,

I see you.

I’m not a mom, but as an auntie and honorary auntie of people who are now moms themselves (how in the world...?!), I get a chance from the fringes of your tribe to see you. Not a stalking sort of “see you” ... just noticing, appreciating, and being absolutely blown away by who and what you are and do.

I see you when I almost faint from reading your birth story, and realize no human can possibly bear giving birth. Yet somehow you did.

I see you when I grumble to myself about a restless night of sleep, yet there you are, going on night #2,496 of constant interruption with nursing, diaper changes, clothing changes, weeping (yours and the baby’s), and sleep so elusive that you feed the dog a bottle of warm milk and wonder why baby still seems hungry.

I see you when you sprint like a maniac to the shower in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, you’ll have time to get clean while the little prince sleeps.

I see you when you so desperately need time for yourself, yet can’t decide if it’s worth the guilt you feel from needing a...


Last night I was angry; I mean, steam coming out of my ears, shaking hands, angry! The kind of anger where you have so much adrenaline flowing through you that you could feel as though you could scale a building like Spiderman does, where the idea of climbing a mountain is appealing (I know, to some of you that’s appealing normally, to me, it’s not)!

So what the bleep do you do with anger???

I am always working with my three-year-old on stomping his feet, saying, “grrrr”, getting a drink of water, taking a deep breath, backing away, and jumping up and down instead of following his impulses and wanting to be destructive.

As an adult, honestly, first I wanted to eat chocolate (remember that blog on food where I said I’m an emotional eater). Then I wanted a sip of bourbon (those of you who know me, know I’m not much of a drinker, but it sounded so good last night). Then I wanted to scream which, with two sleeping kids and neighbors on either side, wasn’t a good option either.


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Those who know me well know that I’m a big fan of Glennon Doyle Melton and her Momastery blog. I just love the beauty, power, vulnerability and simple truth that reside in her eloquent words. She feels like a sister from another mister. If you’re not yet acquainted, go check out her work; I have a hunch she’ll feel like a sister to you too.

On the topic of sisters, Glennon has this to say:

There is a term in carpentry called Sistering. Sometimes an existing joist, which was designed to handle a certain load, becomes too weak. Maybe it was damaged by water or fire. Maybe it still has structural integrity but an addition is being constructed and the new load is going to be a lot heavier than before. Either way, now it is not as sturdy as it needs to be.

When a builder needs to strengthen that joist, she puts a new member right next to the original one and fastens the two together. Sometimes, two new joists are needed-one on either side.

Do you know what they call...

Body Back Meal Collage 1.jpg

Food, food, food…my husband tells me he has never heard anybody talk about food more than me. I am known (at least by my dear extended family) for my baking and cooking skills. One of my friends and I have started sending pictures of the food we make back and forth to each other (and I have a list going of all the dishes said friend has to make for me)…getting the picture yet?

So how does the Body Back meal plan feel to a food-lover like me? Well, first, the gist…Body Back is about clean eating (whole foods, less processed, consuming the right kind of carbs, more veggies, more protein, less sugar, etc). Drinking enough water is another component of the plan, seriously, it’s so important, and you even mark it off in your food journal. An additional goal, as I experience it, is to teach (or re-teach) portion size both to your mind and your body. It is NOT about counting calories, and it is not about being hungry, if you are hungry, you eat! It is about being conscious about what you are eating, and only eating when you are actually hungry.

I am one-week in, and...

Balance April 24 2016 Blog.jpg

That moment when you are doing assessments for Body Back and you realize that you can hold a side plank for nearly DOUBLE the time on your right side than your left side…Balance anyone (or lack thereof)?!?!?

When you sit at the beginning of class, and you share and hear other women share that something’s gotta give…whether it’s a clean house, squeezing in me-time vs work time while the kiddos are in school, or taking an hour for a Body Back work-out even when you come back to chaos in your house.

Those were the two major themes—outside of nutrition, exercise, water intake, etc—that I took out of Body Back last week. It’s amazing the way these themes keep coming up as I named one of my challenge words for the year (back in January) as balance too.

In my life…I have got to work on ME-time, and that’s one of the big reasons I signed up for Body Back. What’s gotta give…that’s the challenge for me, I don’t know what I’m willing to compromise on, and I would bet that a lot of you struggle with that too.

So, let’s support each other here…SOUND OFF: What is...

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This post on Facebook simultaneously made me giggle and roll my eyes -- and it reminded me of why I love Fit4Mom so much.

The giggle: We have ALL been where this woman is. (And if you haven’t, don’t talk to me right now!) Our lives, even when filled with blessings, can feel overwhelming -- like a wave crashing over us. Apropos for this metaphor I keep thinking of Finding Nemo … just keep swimming!

The eye-roll: While the image of a wave enveloping this woman feels accurate, it makes me want to roll my eyes. Really? You feel like you’re drowning -- with only a job, social life, and a workout? Part of me longs for those easy, breezy days. I want to scream (and I did on Facebook), “Try two jobs, two kids, and wedding planning … and in all my oodles of spare time, social life and workouts!” But the reality is that life is hard and overwhelming for everyone, and all in different ways. Maybe instead of the full-time job, you get to be around your kids. All. Day. LONG! With no breaks. And yearn for the minute your partner...

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Dear FIT4MOM Olympia Family,

I still remember my first Stroller Strides class about 3 and a half years ago. I got my a** kicked, and I loved it. I left feeling so proud of what I’d done and realizing how much more I could accomplish if I went back the next class, and I did.

Fast forward to last Fall, where I looked around at a table of my incredibly strong, intelligent, and loving friends at my Baby Shower, and I realized that two thirds of them were from my FIT4MOM Olympia family.

Now, as an Instructor and Owner, I get to support other Moms on their fitness path and their journey to build a village, just like I have been and will be supported on mine.

Which brings us to the present. I LOVE Stroller Strides, and as an instructor, I get to spend time motivating all of you, blowing bubbles, and making your kiddos smile, but I don’t get to work-out as much as I used to. So, I have decided to start Body Back.

Why the blog post you wonder? Two reasons:

1) We are starting the blog back up, and you should expect to hear from other Moms...


It’s easy to remember that Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks, but how do we keep giving thanks throughout the year. Teaching children gratitude is not an easy task.

November has been a month full of thanks, food, and family. Our Stroller Strides classes have had multiple fall theme classes. With a fun yellow work out and a turkey craft, we also have been working on a thankful tree through the weeks. Once a week in class we had both moms and kids write down what they’re thankful for.

Here are some ideas on ways to start giving thanks through the year and getting the kids involved:

* Practice random acts of kindness. From holding the door open to giving unplanned gifts to coworkers. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to brighten someone’s day.

* Get a list started early of the people you would like to thank and instead of waiting until the last minute around the holiday season, go through your list throughout the year and let that person know you’re thankful for all they do.

* Work gratitude into your daily conversation, especially with kids....


Quick, write down your five favorite hobbies BEFORE you became a Mom…okay, got them?

Now, quick, write down your five favorite hobbies AFTER you became a Mom (not related to your kiddo)…got them? Are you still thinking? Do you have two yet, three?

Amazing, isn’t it? We love being Moms and we love our kids, but along the way, it’s easy to lose us, to lose the hobbies that used to be so important to us before we had kids.

When was the last time you read a book about something other than parenting? Or brushed up on your horseback riding skills (putting your kid on a pony doesn’t count here!)?

If you were able to write down your five hobbies without a problem (you go girl!), here’s another story for you. A few months ago, in a Stroller Strides class, our instructor asked us to say something we were proud of about ourselves (other than our kids). We all had to stop and think about that. I know I easily had five different ways I was proud of my son, but finding one thing for which I was proud of myself took a little more effort.

What about your...


With all of this Back to School talk our Stroller Strides class jumped in on the action too. Just because your little one isn't actually going back to school doesn't mean you can't already start teaching colors, numbers, shapes and object names.

(Here is the craft from Our Village Olympia we did after class with the kiddos.)


We love Back To School around here. It's back to routine. Back to fall boots and scarves. Back to pumpkin spice lattes. Yummy!

Sometimes through, it's back to the same old question everyday. "How was school today."

Parenting Coach Emily McMason with Evolving Parents just wrote a great blog post we wanted to pass along to our readers. She shares ways to ask this very same question and get a novel length response from your kiddos.

Click HERE to read: Ping. Pong. Score!


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Four Years!!!!

What an amazing journey it has been. On today's episode, FIT4MOM Olympia owner Kim Bauer and business manager & instructor Heather Torres sit down to chat about the last four years, how they got started, what the FIT4MOM values mean to them, and the vision for FIT4MOM Olympia moving forward.


**Click anywhere on that lovely picture to listen**

To download and save this podcast forever and ever and ever, click HERE

For more information on our 4yr Anniversary Celebration happening on September 6th at Pioneer Park in Tumwater click the 4 yr Anniversary Class button below.


The Body Back meal plan is all about clean eating, with an emphasis on lean proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, and whole grains. Processed foods and added sugar are discouraged. This week I am unveiling my go-to “power foods,” or the staples of my diet. Today I discuss a food I recently rediscovered and am in love with all over again: oatmeal.


The Body Back meal plan is all about clean eating, with an emphasis on lean proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, and whole grains. Processed foods and added sugar are discouraged. This week I am unveiling my go-to “power foods,” or the staples of my diet. Today I discuss another non-meat protein source: Beans.

greek yogurt.jpg

The Body Back meal plan is all about clean eating, with an emphasis on lean proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, and whole grains. Processed foods and added sugar are discouraged. This week I am unveiling my go-to “power foods,” or the staples of my diet. Today I discuss one of my favorite non-meat sources of protein: Greek yogurt.


The Body Back meal plan is all about clean eating, with an emphasis on lean proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, and whole grains. Processed foods and added sugar are discouraged. This week I am unveiling my go-to “power foods,” or the staples of my diet. Today I discuss one of my favorite healthy fats: almond butter.

spinach 1.jpg

The Body Back meal plan is all about clean eating, with an emphasis on lean proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, and whole grains. Processed foods and added sugar are not included. This week I am unveiling my go-to “power foods,” which are some of the staples of my diet. Today I discuss one of my favorite green vegetables: spinach.


I’ve had a complicated relationship with food and my body for about as long as I can remember. Believe it or not, I haven’t always been a clean eater – nor even a particularly healthy eater. Growing up, food was often a source of comfort: “Had a hard day, honey? Let’s get you some ice cream.” Other times my parents gave it to me as a reward: “Great report card! Let’s go out to dinner to celebrate.” Throughout my childhood, I watched my mom, who has never been overweight, take over-the-counter diet pills. For years I just assumed that was something all women of a certain age did.

My struggle with eating and what I thought I should look like resulted in me being, at different times in my life, underweight and overweight – and NEVER satisfied with what I saw in the mirror.

In my mid-30s, that began to change. I attribute that to two things: 1) Pregnancy and childbirth – and seeing and appreciating what my body was capable of doing; and 2) Body Back.

When I started Body Back three years ago, I saw it as an opportunity to clean up my act, so to speak. I wanted to do...


Have you ever been the lucky recipient of a random act of kindness? Better yet, have you ever done a random act of kindness for someone? Most days of our lives we encounter and interact with strangers. These every day connections with other people occur when you are feeling your best and also when you may be at your worst. The same goes for the people we encounter. Yes, these people may be complete strangers, but at the base of it all we are all human beings. Gestures and actions of kindness do not need to be grandiose, but with the simple goal of spreading benevolent human kindness.

We have all had those days that seem as if a personal storm cloud is persistently hovering over our head. On those days, a little break in the clouds can go a long way for everyone on a better path, even if it's just for a moment. In that moment, we can sulk in the heartwarming wave of human kindness. Enjoy it. Appreciate it. Then, do a random act of kindness for someone else.


Ok, moms out there. I want you to close your eyes. Now imagine you are on the beach with your family. The weather is warm. The sun is bouncing off your skin and the sea breeze is in your hair. Your little one is in the water splashing and laughing and the smile on their face shows you this is one of the happiest days they have experienced thus far in their short time here. Are you there yet?

Now you have two choices. Are you in the water along side of them splashing and playing in your bathing suit or are you sitting on the beach with a towel covering your body?

What did you choose?

If you chose frolicking around in the water in your swimming suit then you go girl!

If you chose sitting on the beach with a towel covering your body then listen up missy…..


I know, I know. You probably don’t look like Gisele Bundchen or Heidi Klum after having your babies (and if you do then you are one of the lucky few so you better be out there!) but let me tell you something moms of the world:

  • YOU ARE...

We have some very exciting news for Fit4Mom in the south sound area! If you were at Stroller Strides in DuPont today, then you heard the news in person from Kristin, but if not, we want to let you know that Kristin has purchased part of Kim's Fit4Mom franchise and is now the proud owner of the new Fit4Mom DuPont & Lacey! Kim will continue to own and operate Fit4Mom Olympia.

If you are a current Fit4Mom client in either location, this will be a seamless change for you! You won't see a change in your membership pricing or class schedule - whether you take Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre, Body Back or all three, you'll still get the same, awesome, full-body workouts and fun for kiddos you are used to!

mmunity reach even more moms and families in the south sound.

If you have any questions, please contact Kristin or Kim *Current DuPont clients, watch your inbox for an email from...


To most people, Mondays are the dreaded day of the week that many wish they could fast forward. This day of the week is all too often associated with negative terms and feelings. I too have been guilty of having a case of the Mondays but complaining about it only allows the negative energy to linger around the day. Instead of spreading Monday blues, let's spread some sunshine!

One simple solution.....sing You Are My Sunshine!!!

According to the beloved parenting coach Emily McMason, the 57 seconds it takes to sing You Are My Sunshine is a way to fill our days with sunshine and to start the day off in a positive light. Most Mondays could use a bright & cheery tune anyway. According to Emily, instead of bombarding your little one with a barrage of questions the moment they wake up, "hold them. quietly. sing it softly in their ear. giving them a minute of connection and love sets the whole day up differently. for both of you. It is that...


Do you try to reach for this wondrous mystery called a balanced life? Why? Why do we as women and as mothers strive to live a so-called balanced life? Did you ever stop to think an UN-balanced life could feel even more fulfilling?

This week we are excited to bring to you our first FIT4MOM Olympia Podcast and lucky guest numero uno is Emily McMason from Evolving Parents.

We put a fun twist on our FIT4MOM Olympia Podcast though. Why just have a conventional "interview" style audio stream in your ears when we could go deeper with an UN-interview. This means no rules, no rehearsed responses. Just a conversation between two women and a deeper understanding of what a life lived in unbalance looks like.

So here ya go!



We are so excited to introduce to you the newest member of the FIT4MOM of Greater Olympia Team, Sara Perkins. Sara has been a stable participant in our program and she brings a new, fresh perspective to our Stroller Strides and Fit4Baby programs. She is currently in her co-teaching days, so come on out and cheer her on! She gives one heck of a great workout!

From Sara:

Hi There! I'm Sara & I'm Mom to Henri (4 years), Camille (4 months) & my furbaby Clark (7 years!). I'm married to Scott, my wonderful husband of 12 years. I joined Stroller Strides 3 1/2 years ago. My first class was the Food Drive class. I was so excited to attend; I had been searching for something I could do that wouldn't involve putting my son in a daycare & when Stroller Strides popped up in MeetUp I couldn't wait to attend. I thought I was in pretty decent shape, but that first class had me on the floor!

I was unprepared for the amazing support & friendship that I would receive from joining. My Stroller Strides family has been there for me through the highs and lows of my...

Motivating Military Mom Stefanie.jpeg

We LOVE our growing military family here at FIT4MOM Greater Olympia and we wanted you to get to know a few of these amazing women. This week we want to introduce you to Stefanie. She is a motivating military mom! Not only does she rock Stroller Strides workouts in DuPont and Body Back in Olympia, but she also participates in Wear Blue: Run to Remember regularly. This mom is a FIT4MOM machine!

(Tell us a bit more about yourself)

Well, I am a stay at home mom and an Army wife. I am lucky enough to be married to my best friend and quite frankly the best soldier ever in my opinion. We have a blended family of 3 awesome boys (Reece age 14, almost 15!!!, Alex age 11, Xander age 8) and one baby girl (Adalyn age 17 months, who is also currently assisting me by hanging on my arm, pushing my keyboard away and stealing the mouse). You know, my teenager wants to be as far away as possible and the baby...

motivating mom erin.jpg

Meet Motivating Mama Erin! I have had the pleasure of having Erin in a Body Back session, and she is a fixture at DuPont Stroller Strides. The list of things I love about Erin is long, but near the top is that she recently finished her bachelor’s degree! As a mom! As a wife! On her own time! Eeeee! Talk about being a role model for your kids – way to go, Erin.

**Tell us about yourself.

My name is Erin. I am a 24-year old mother of two usually sweet, occasionally rascally, kids. Erik is my bright, bouncing boy who turned four this past February and Emma just turned one, also in February. She keeps me on my toes - if I happen to skip a morning of Stroller Strides I can count on my sweet girl to get me moving throughout the day!

My husband and I met in high school and I was smitten enough to follow him into the life of an Active Duty spouse. After getting pregnant soon after we were married and having our son just before turning 20, finishing my degree seemed like a long shot but I am proud that recently I finished my B.A! We will (sadly) be leaving Washington...

how do you feel.jpg

How are you feeling? No really, how are you feeling?

If someone were to ask you that right now what would you say?

Fine? Great? Good? All right?

And then you ask, “How are you doing?”

While you might be genuinely interested in what they have to say, I would guess this is also said quickly in return to help deflect whatever is really going on inside.

As mothers, we enter the foreign world of parenting without ever preparing ourselves for this crazy whirl of new emotions. Along with the amazing feelings of instant love, joy, bliss and happiness, come feelings like fear, anxiety, loneliness and guilt that seem to be magnified by the everyday learning process of raising these wonderful souls without a manual.

Speaking for myself, and for the countless women I have come in contact with over my years as a mom, unless we feel we are in a safe place to express what we are REALLY feeling, we tend to mask our feelings to present the, “I’ve got this mom thing in the bag” persona, when really all we want to do is cry for help.

Most of the time...

FIT4MOM manifesto.jpg

I don’t know if you have seen this yet, but this is our FIT4MOM manifesto. Your FIT4MOM Greater Olympia team was introduced to this at our conference in April and we are so excited to share it with you! You may see it on our water bottles, on our shirts and I know it will pop up on Facebook!

This is our why. This is who we are as a team and what we believe in. Yes, we love to kick your booty at class, but even more so, we love to help you see your incredible strength. FIT4MOM is a home for us because it fills us up, in more ways than just through fitness. We want it to be that for all of you, too. We want it to be your home. Your tribe.

I want to flip this manifesto around here for a moment: We believe in the power of moms to do ALL of this. YOU, sweet mamas, are the powerful forces driving the building of communities and the nurturing of connections. YOU cultivate healthy homes, YOU raise healthy children, YOU inspire positivity.

Seriously. I am not pulling your leg here.

We believe in the power of moms to motivate transformation and to support each...


Meet our first Motivating Mama, Kat! After moving to Olympia, where she knew no one, and having her son, Kat has built an incredibly strong community through FIT4MOM. She inspires me personally and I just knew that she would be the perfect lady to kick off our new Motivating Mama Monday feature on the blog! We will get to learn about another one of you fabulous ladies the first Monday of each month.

**Tell us about yourself.

I'm Kat and I’ll turn 30 at the end of June. My son, Garrett, is 19 months old and full of energy. I have a bachelor’s degree in fine arts with an emphasis in sculpture, photography and painting. After college, I worked numerous office jobs and hated it. I met my husband Jason in college. He works as a program manager for the Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs. I'm blessed to be a stay at home mom - I love it most days.

**How did you learn about FIT4MOM?

I saw an ad for Stroller Strides at my OBGYN office when I was pregnant. Before we moved to Olympia, I was doing prenatal swim classes – they are a lot like water...

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Our own Katy Johansson, Body Back instructor, ran the Boston Marathon one week ago. Qualifying, and training, for the Boston Marathon takes determination and fearlessness. Our entire FIT4MOM family is incredibly happy for Katy and wowed by her achievement. In the midst of celebrating the outcome of her hard work, traveling back home to Washington and recovering from the race, she wrote a great recap of her journey into running that we want to share with you.


Many of you have probably met FIT4MOM mama Nicole. You may even have been in a Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre or Body Back class alongside her. But did you know that she is one of our most ardent supporters of the annual March for Babies? This event is very close to Nicole’s heart, so we sat down with her to find out just what it is about the March of Dimes that speaks to Nicole.

First things first – you are very outspoken in your support for the annual March for Babies. Can you tell us why?

All three of our sons were born early – our oldest at 36 weeks, our middle son at 33 and our youngest at 34 weeks. The two oldest were lucky enough to not have to spend time in the NICU, but our youngest spent two weeks in the NICU. He had trouble breathing and was very small for his age. We all received wonderful treatment while he was in there – I felt like they supported my efforts to breastfeed him, and they even held and soothed him when I was rushing back to be with him after spending time with my two other boys.

How does the March of Dimes impact you personally?...


Living in the Pacific Northwest has its perks! We know how to take advantage of every sunny day that comes our way, with neighborhoods suddenly full of kids on bikes and yards a flurry of weeding and lawn mowing. Bright, sunny days also tend to bring out the spontaneity in parents, with a trip to the park, a family walk around the neighborhood, a quick hike or a bike ride. These moments keep moms and kiddos on their toes, while also creating wonderful memories.

Being a spontaneous parent is certainly easier said than done, but the point is to truly live in the moment. Some days you just have to trade in your chores for a dance party in the middle of the living room with your kids, or a game of hide-and-seek (when you know exactly where your kid is hiding but act otherwise, meanwhile hearing them giggle the entire time).

Yes, you say, but how on earth do you live in the moment when your kid keeps complaining that they are bored? Instead of finding something to keep them occupied and out of the way, find an activity to do with them ... even if distracts...

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It’s spring break! Fun for the kids, stressful for the parents! This week at the beginning of spring, when the weather around here still tends toward the windy and grey, can strike fear into the heart of even the most battle-tested parent. Fear not, brave soul – with a minimum of planning that can be done so close to the last minute it is practically not even planning and a smidge of creativity, you will sail through this week with ease and, dare I say it, even be sad to see it end.

1. Be cheap! A $5 budget and the dollar store can be worth a lot of fun, as can a pack of origami paper or a pad of construction paper turned into paper flowers to hang in the house for instant spring. Sidewalk chalk on the driveway (or in the garage if it is raining), a bike wash for all the kid’s outdoor toys, or a back yard scavenger hunt can all be pulled together quickly and cheaply!

2. Get some help. There are families all around you with kids on spring break – try trading with a friend on hosting play dates, or getting a day pass at a local gym with kid’s...


Eat clean, train mean, get lean. Ever heard this expression? It’s the beginning of the equation to a healthier you! You can never out-exercise a poor diet and eating clean requires learning which options are good, wholesome foods that benefit your health. Once you incorporate healthier foods into your diet, your body will begin to crave them and then you will incorporate even more of them into your diet and so on and so forth – and soon it is more than something you are trying, it becomes your lifestyle! It's an all around win-win situation.

Incorporating healthier foods into your diet can be as simple as enjoying a delicious and healthy SMOOTHIE! Smoothies are tasty and convenient, and can be as healthy as you make them. They are a go-to breakfast for those busy mornings and a great alternative to dessert. Smoothies are also a great way for mamas with picky eaters to get healthy foods into growing bodies. You can add to the fun of smoothies by getting your kids help in naming them! Who wouldn’t choose a Green Hulk Machine smoothie over a spinach smoothie?...

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First things first – I will admit that I am a new fan of the Seattle Seahawks. I have always wanted them to do well – but from afar. I cannot remember the last game I watched before this last season. And what a season it was! Their journey as they brought the first Super Bowl Championship to Washington was a thrill to watch.

Throughout it all, their mantra of “Why not us?” really struck a chord deep within me. It is exactly how I felt when I stopped telling myself I would think about it, and finally just signed up for my first session of Body Back. “Why not me?”

Why not me? Why not give myself a chance to see how strong I could be? I had not lifted a dumbbell in, well, more years than I could even recall, and had no idea if my body would even know what to do. Turns out, your body knows much more than you give it credit for, and it also has an amazing ability to learn new things pretty quickly. One of which is that you are so much more capable of amazing things than you ever knew. You.

Why not me? Why shouldn’t I get to see what could happen if I stepped a...


As we spring forward and adjust to the recent time change, many mothers are finding that even just one hour of time lost can have a big impact on their day. Adjusting to the time change takes varied levels of effort for every mother but, despite the hectic schedules, one thing most mothers come to know well is multitasking.

At FIT4MOM, multitasking is part of our workout regimen ... Sweat, Sing, Smile! FIT4MOM classes offer a workout for moms of all fitness levels AND songs, games and other fun for baby AND a village of women experiencing what you are experiencing AND a knowledgeable and certified trainer AND the sense of accomplishment that stays with you throughout your day after a heart-pounding workout. And and and ... a multitasking mama’s dream!

One way to keep this feeling alive throughout your day is to move your muscles while multitasking at home. This is simple and can be done without putting a dent into your already busy schedule. Try calf raises while brushing your teeth, pushups on the counter after cleaning up the kitchen, walking lunges while...

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Welcome to our FIT4MOM Blog! We aim to inspire and nourish your mind, body and soul through strength in motherhood. FIT4MOM is a soft and safe place to land as a mother. Motherhood is full of irreplaceable joys as well as challenges that keep us ever evolving. We are the teachers of our children and, as we diligently steer through our paths in life with children in tow, we sometimes find ourselves pushing ahead without full steam. Here, we help you find the strength and inspiration that will help guide you through every stage of motherhood and, we hope, will refuel you.

Let us encourage one another to plant the seeds of the strong, inspirational and nurturing mothers we are to be. There is great comfort in finding a village to be part of and FIT4MOM nourishes that sisterhood in motherhood.

We ARE the village that it takes to raise a child. We foster a healthy, wholesome lifestyle that your child experiences right along with you. Here, you can find the advice, encouragement or escape we all need as mothers. These posts may help you through a difficult day,...

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As 2013 ends and 2014 begins, all of your Fit4Mom instructors want to wish you, your kiddos and your families a very happy new year. 2014 is going to be an AMAZING year for all of our families, no matter if you take Stroller Strides or Stroller Barre classes, Body Back or all three!

Not only will we open TWO (!) new locations for Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre at Studio West Dance Academy and Body Mechanics, both in Olympia, but we are also bringing our much-loved Body Back program to Studio West. Whether you are pregnant, a new mom or have been at this parenthood thing for a few years (or more than a few!), Fit4Mom Greater Olympia is the right fit for you. You will find sisterhood in motherhood in our pre-and post-natal fitness classes for EVERY stage of motherhood.

This has been an eventful year - Three new instructors, a brand new location in DuPont, expanded our class offerings to include additional Stroller Barre classes, moved from inside to outside and back inside for classes, added TRX to the mix, held what begins our fourth year of Stroller...


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