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Let's Talk About Food

Food, food, food…my husband tells me he has never heard anybody talk about food more than me. I am known (at least by my dear extended family) for my baking and cooking skills. One of my friends and I have started sending pictures of the food we make back and forth to each other (and I have a list going of all the dishes said friend has to make for me)…getting the picture yet?

So how does the Body Back meal plan feel to a food-lover like me? Well, first, the gist…Body Back is about clean eating (whole foods, less processed, consuming the right kind of carbs, more veggies, more protein, less sugar, etc). Drinking enough water is another component of the plan, seriously, it’s so important, and you even mark it off in your food journal. An additional goal, as I experience it, is to teach (or re-teach) portion size both to your mind and your body. It is NOT about counting calories, and it is not about being hungry, if you are hungry, you eat! It is about being conscious about what you are eating, and only eating when you are actually hungry.

I am one-week in, and here are my thoughts.

  • I will NOT be giving up sugar and baked goods for my whole life, but I am HOPING this program trains my mind, body, okay, and heart being the emotional eater that I am, to enjoy them in small quantities here and there vs them being my go to for every emotion under the sun.
  • I don’t like some of the “restrictions” but I am proud of myself to sticking to them (do I promise eight weeks of perfection, no way in h-e-double hockeysticks).
  • I am becoming a breakfast person which I never have been.
  • Yeup, I’m a parent that eats off my kiddo’s plate! I didn’t even know I’d become one, eye-opening for sure!
  • I am learning to pack my own snacks—this is huge people—I have packed snacks for my son for years, but ME?!?!? NEVER. This is one of those “A-ha” moments where I discover a simple way to take care of MYSELF and my kiddos too.
  • Oh, yeah, I apparently was eating, I don’t know maybe TWENTY snacks a day before this. Seriously, I cannot tell you how many times I caught myself wandering in to the kitchen to grab a handful of something, a munch of this or that at the beginning of the week, and I wasn’t even hungry.
  • Oh, water! My two techniques…a water bottle with an infuser and a water bottle for the car. This part of the challenge has been easier than I expected.
  • Teaching your mind, body, and heart is HARD! I am definitely craving chocolate chip cookies, the scones my Auntie posts on her Facebook status, chocolate, and, you get the idea but the list could go on and on!

So, what’s keeping me going?

  • The INCREDIBLE Small Group Support I am getting from the women in Body Back and the phenomenal, Katy Johansson, who is both teaching us and walking with us every step of the way.
  • MY son…I keep thinking about what I am modeling for him and teaching him. He often eats his own version of the same thing I’m eating.
  • ME…I have never tried anything like this before. Taking time to work-out with no kids, breathing in the meditation, and putting effort into my own food, it’s all new to me. Sure, it’s a struggle, but it’s also unbelievably empowering.

BOTTOM-LINE: Focusing on MY food is good for me and for my family. You can do this, you are worth it, change is uncomfortable, change is good.

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PPS—Stroller Strides Saturday Classes start this SATURDAY at Marathon Park, don’t miss out. ;)

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