Apple Theme for Toddlers

With all of this Back to School talk our Stroller Strides class jumped in on the action too. Just because your little one isn't actually going back to school doesn't mean you can't already start teaching colors, numbers, shapes and object names.

(Here is the craft from Our Village Olympia we did after class with the kiddos.)

This month we are starting with the Back to School theme and the color RED. Besides the freshly sharpened pencils, the new clothes, and nervous butterflies, nothing represents the Back to School season like the red apple.

Over on our Pinterest page we have a whole board dedicated to giving you some fresh project ideas for you and little one to do together on those cold and rainy fall days.

Here are some creative ideas on how to get your little one involved as they grow from baby to toddler:

  • Grab RED items from around your house and teach your little one the names of all of the objects
  • Look through one or two books and find all of the RED pictures
  • When grocery shopping ask your little one to say RED when they see a fruit of that color and then teach them the name
  • When walking through the parking lot next time at Target {the best RED place on earth right?} point out all of the RED cars. And of course, touch the big RED ball in the front before heading inside. {Are my kids the only ones completely obsessed with touching the red balls at Target?}

For more great tips here are our two Pinterest boards we have dedicated to RED this month.

Apple Crafts

Red Themed Crafts

Here are some Apple themed songs we are singing this month in Stroller Strides:


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