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Education Tools for Mama

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Education Tools for Children

A Note From Our Owner

Our community mourns for the families of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and far too many others.

The systematic racism cannot be ignored and overlooked any longer. We are more than a fitness group for moms, we are a community standing up together ready to work towards a better brighter future for everyone.

As mothers, we can teach our children to create a better world for their present and future. Learning from our pasts and engaging in open communication about Black lives and other minorities.

As women, we can come together at work, in our neighborhoods, and in our community to uphold these beliefs and foster change.

As an organization, we will use our platform for positive change. We will:

  • Incorporate implicit bias training into our Continuing Education.
  • Share educational resources, tools, and educational materials with our FIT4MOM community.
  • Facilitate discussions for personal and parental growth.
  • Speak up for the Black and other minority communities.
  • Use our FIT4MOM core values of love, inclusion, and the Ripple Effect.
  • Do the hard work ourselves and encourage members of our networks to join us.

Together, we will be a part of positive change. We will raise kind humans who know Black Lives Matter.

With Love,

Kat Alves