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Why THAT Number is Not Important

Why THAT Number is Not Important

I know how much I weigh. I know because I’ve been to so many doctor’s appointment and at almost every single one I have to stand on a scale. Sometimes the weight is in kilos, many times the nurse seems to feel an obligation to let me know. But, I really don't care.

Want to know why?

  • That number doesn’t say how strong I am.
  • It does not tell me how tough I am.
  • That number does not take into account how much inflammation I have in my body.
  • It does take into account beautiful breasts, an awesome butt or hips that have brought two children to birth.
  • It does not tell me how much I’ve lost due to surgery and it certainly doesn’t exclude that stupid tumor.

Maybe if I could have a number that quantifies and defines all my awesomeness, that would be cool. But Infinity is big so… I’ll just continue to ignore the scale.