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Sara's Story: Part Three

Did you miss the first two parts of Sara's Story? Here are parts one and two.

So I want to share something personal. Here's the deal--I hate taking medication, especially pain meds. I'm good with things like antibiotics or even the chemo pills. I get it, it's necessary. However, you'll rarely find me taking over the counter meds because I just hate how they make me feel.

Admitting that I wasn't tolerating the radiation treatments well was a huge challenge. Admitting I need help is a challenge. Asking for help is a whole new challenge and is very hard for me to do.

Here's what I know. I'm tough, I can power through a lot. I can even do it with a smile on my face most of the time, but: my family suffers; my friendships suffer; my quality of life suffers.

I blame our society a bit (& Pinterest). I'm faced with expressions, images and words everywhere that proclaim that the individual is strong and enough. We can take care of any problem on our own. I don't need anyone else. Probably all true, but it's not healthy.

Are you like me? Is admitting there's a problem difficult? Is asking for help like a knife in your pride? Then benefit from my experience. Do it. It doesn't hurt and it will change your life for the better.

Asking for help means that my family has received a meal that I had neither the energy nor stomach to cook. That as my husband walks in the door and I head to another appointment he can focus his attention on two children and not on trying to pull a meal together while playing referee. When I asked for help someone has willingly taken my children for a time so that I can rest and heal. We are healthier & stronger for the help we've received, not because we did it alone.

The reverse side is that others really, truly, genuinely want to help. When we deny others the opportunity we don't just push friends away and hurt them, we hurt ourselves. We are a social species,our lives are all dependent on each other and with the exception of the true hermit, and we need others to survive. If someone else can help me today then I'll be able to be there to help the next person tomorrow.

So I hate meds & asking for help. But you know what? I admitted my pain & my need and now I'm more comfortable and I have more friends then I know what to do with! One should never (and really can't) complain about too much love.