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“Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day.” ~Henri JM Nouwen

Last week, I really struggled with how to start a Stroller Strides class I was teaching…two of my dear friends had lost loved ones, shootings were taking over the national news, and protests of all sorts were springing up everywhere. My heart was (and is) hurting, my head was on overload, and then I am supposed to lead a group of Moms in what we always want to be a safe space.

I needed to feel something different for a while, and guessing the other moms did too, I started class with this: “there is too much sadness in the world this week, so today’s introduction question is: what is one thing that brings you JOY?”

OH. MY. GOSH. I was overwhelmed by their responses…from baby snuggles to a trip to Maine to chocolate to reading a good book to simply being glad they had come to Stroller Strides. Listening to them, my heart filled with JOY.

So, thinking over the last week, here are some of the things that brought me joy.

1) Holding my baby girl on my chest as she fell asleep

2) Finishing another book

3) Going out to dinner with a dear friend and talking the night away

4) Witnessing the love between two people as they got married

5) Watching my son and his best buddy bust a move on the dance floor

6) Conquering a Body Back burp-ee-licious class

7) Watching Moms know when another Mom needed arms around her

8) Laughing so hard I cried

9) Seeing Mt. Rainier

10) Having a woman tell me that I motivated her

What I would LOVE to know is WHAT ONE THING BRINGS YOU JOY?!?!

Let’s fill up the Facebook feeds and the internet with that for a change. Share your one thing—whether it’s a picture or text, and add the hashtag #Fit4MomOlyJOY.