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Mom's Night In: CRAFT TIME

Mom's Night In: CRAFT TIME

Kat is hosting a Mom's Night In Craft Night--BYOB and whatever craft you are working on or want to start. Kat will have supplies and snacks available for you too. Once you RSVP with a YES @[11522805:2048:Kat Alves] will PM you the address.

Don’t miss this awesome time with Kat and work on whatever you have going on or just come to hang out with some mamas!!


“To all the women today who are mamas - you are stunning. Wear your stripes proudly. May our daughters only hear us speak positively about our bodies and how they’ve changed because we carried them. May they be raised in households where they are delighted in, celebrated, and cherished always and not based on their outward appearance. Speak life into their hearts." - @jenn.newm on Instagram Repost @takebackpostpartum #postpartum #FIT4MOM #strengthinmotherhood #themotherhoodisreal

YES, to each and every one of you. #allthefeels

Sometimes our Body Back ladies get so excited about working out our studio looks like our kiddos rooms, but that sure doesn't stop us from getting an incredible workout!!! #fit4momoly #FIT4MOM #strengthinmotherhood

This lovely weather needs to be enjoyed!! Bring your sneakers, layer up those kids and grab your mats. We’re going to be outside tomorrow. Meet Kat at NW HiT Center at 9:30. First class is always free!!!

It was the perfect day for an extended station outside! Get ready to take advantage of more of these spring like days and bring your shoes with you to class. We’re still meeting at our indoor location this month. #fit4mom #fit4moly #olympia #tumwater #strollerstrides #momsworkout #momandbaby #coffeestridesnaps #strengthinmotherhood

It was the perfect day for an extended station outside! Get ready to take advantage of more of these spring like days and bring your shoes with you to class. We’re still meeting at our indoor location this month. #fit4mom #fit4moly #olympia #tumwater #strollerstrides #momsworkout #momandbaby #coffeestridesnaps #strengthinmotherhood

🌞Spring has sprung and the sun is shining! Be sure to bring your good shoes; we'll be heading outside for part of class today.🌞 See you at NW HIT Center at 9:30! First class is free😉

We have two more mamas that came SO close to the top scorer, we just couldn't leave them out! Congratulations Summer Steelhammer (2nd place) & Alli Beattie (3rd place). Your hardwork and participation paid off!

She made it her goal to come to every class in February and she totally CRUSHED it! Congratulations to Lorraine (she's not on Facebook) for having Perfect Attendance.

Kylee Jo Sharp... You are the winner of February's Attendance Challenge! With nearly perfect attendance and participation in some of our other challenges, you stacked up the points and finished So Strong Mama! #fit4momoly #fit4mom #fitfeb

Free Body Back Transformation Class

Free Body Back Transformation Class

What is Body Back? Come join us on Monday, 3/5, for a FREE Preview Class to get your feet wet and see what it's all about... * High-intensity interval training (HIIT) and results-based workouts with cardio, strength, and core! * Small group support * Recipe and Nutrition Guides *Improve your strength, embrace change, and grow!

Lace up your sneakers, grab your water bottle, and join us for our Free Body Back Transformation Class TOMORROW (5:45AM or 8PM). We can't wait to see you! https://www.facebook.com/events/1692313444152673/ #fit4momoly #strengthinmotherhood

Our Attendance Challenge for our #fitfeb is officially over. If you participated and weren't able to turn in your sheet on Wednesday, never fear! Snap a pic and email it to saraperkins@fit4mom.com or PM us with the image! We'll announce our winners on Monday!

2018 Friendship Run

2018 Friendship Run

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Join us for the annual Friendship Run on March 25, 2018! We have a 5K, 5K stroller division, 10K, 10K stroller division, and a FREE Kids Run. The Run is dog-friendly! We will have lots of great raffle items, as well as prizes for overall and age group winners. We will see you in March!

Fit4Mom Olympia is so excited to be a sponsor of the 2018 Friendship Run--a family (including STROLLER) friendly event including a: 5k, 10k, Kid's Run, a huge raffle, and fun kid's activities. Want to get a great work-out in while helping to raise scholarship funds?!?! Click on the event below to find out more. #fit4momoly #strengthinmotherhood #2018friendshiprun

You are almost there and you are ROCKING our #fitfeb challenge, finish it strong! 2:15 today, need a change, try a plank to a pike like we did in the video below. #fit4momoly #strengthinmotherhood

We <3 our Mama's and they are rocking our #fitfeb challenge. Get in on the fun and join us for Stroller Strides on Wednesday at 9:30. #fit4momoly #strengthinmotherhood

15 minutes left in today. #plankchallenge almost got away today. The mamas this morning rocked the 2 minute and 10 seconds. You can too!! #fitfeb #fit4momoly.

Oh my goodness time today has gotten away from me. Writing my class for tomorrow made me realize I almost forgot the #plankchallenge !! We only have 3 days left of this #fitfeb so push yourselves. #embracetheshake #strengthinmotherhood Today’s challenge is 2 min 5 seconds. You got this. #fit4momoly

There is always a time to celebrate....and plank !!! #plankchallenge 2 minutes. You got this ladies, challenge yourself! #fitfeb #strengthinmotherhood #fit4momoly

This day has been anything but how it was planned to go. #momlife. But we still have our #plankchallenge. 1 minute 55 seconds!!! These ladies rocked some side planks this morning! Remember extra points towards our drawing when you post your plank pics here. #fitfeb #strengthinmotherhood #fit4momoly

We want YOU to join us this morning--fun for your kiddos and a great work-out with other Moms just for YOU! See you at 9:30 at BJJ of Olympia - NW HIT Center, LLC, your first class is always FREE. #fit4momoly #strengthinmotherhood #fitfeb

Body Back: Fusion Olympia
302 Columbia St NE
Olympia, WA 98501

Stroller Strides (Late Spring-Fall): Pioneer Park
5801 Henderson Blvd SE
Tumwater, WA 98501

Stroller Strides (Late Winter-Spring): NW High Intensity Training Center
1202 Black Lake Blvd Suite E
Olympia, WA 98502

Fit4Baby: Babies'R Us
1000 Cooper Point Rd SW
Olympia, WA 98502