Your Unbalanced Life

Do you try to reach for this wondrous mystery called a balanced life? Why? Why do we as women and as mothers strive to live a so-called balanced life? Did you ever stop to think an UN-balanced life could feel even more fulfilling?

This week we are excited to bring to you our first FIT4MOM Olympia Podcast and lucky guest numero uno is Emily McMason from Evolving Parents.

We put a fun twist on our FIT4MOM Olympia Podcast though. Why just have a conventional "interview" style audio stream in your ears when we could go deeper with an UN-interview. This means no rules, no rehearsed responses. Just a conversation between two women and a deeper understanding of what a life lived in unbalance looks like.

So here ya go!


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Olympia, WA 98501

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Stroller Strides (Late Winter-Spring): NW High Intensity Training Center
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