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Why Not Me?

First things first – I will admit that I am a new fan of the Seattle Seahawks. I have always wanted them to do well – but from afar. I cannot remember the last game I watched before this last season. And what a season it was! Their journey as they brought the first Super Bowl Championship to Washington was a thrill to watch.

Throughout it all, their mantra of “Why not us?” really struck a chord deep within me. It is exactly how I felt when I stopped telling myself I would think about it, and finally just signed up for my first session of Body Back. “Why not me?”

Why not me? Why not give myself a chance to see how strong I could be? I had not lifted a dumbbell in, well, more years than I could even recall, and had no idea if my body would even know what to do. Turns out, your body knows much more than you give it credit for, and it also has an amazing ability to learn new things pretty quickly. One of which is that you are so much more capable of amazing things than you ever knew. You.

Why not me? Why shouldn’t I get to see what could happen if I stepped a little bit outside my comfort zone? A pushup? Get serious. A burpee? What on earth is that? Working out with women I don’t know, in clothes that I feel weird in and possibly ... getting sweaty? Gulp, no thanks. But you know what I found out? When you step outside your comfort zone and try something new, suddenly your comfort zone grows and gets a little bigger. And the same thing happens the next time, and the next, and the next ...

Why not me? Why should I not try something new? Yep, change is hard. It is scary, it doesn’t always happen smoothly and you cannot count on getting the outcome you expect. But standing still and looking at the past, or fixating on my present, meant that I was going to completely miss what was in store for my future. If the time is going to pass anyway, why not give this one thing a shot just to see what could be?

WHY NOT YOU? You deserve to see your own strength, to stretch and grow in your life and to experience new and fantastic things. You deserve that thrill of enjoying your life’s journey. In the comments below, let us know what you have done that has expanded your comfort zone!

Our Tuesday/Thursday Spring Body Back session is now open for general registration. To sign up, click here or email for more information.

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