Take Advantage

Living in the Pacific Northwest has its perks! We know how to take advantage of every sunny day that comes our way, with neighborhoods suddenly full of kids on bikes and yards a flurry of weeding and lawn mowing. Bright, sunny days also tend to bring out the spontaneity in parents, with a trip to the park, a family walk around the neighborhood, a quick hike or a bike ride. These moments keep moms and kiddos on their toes, while also creating wonderful memories.

Being a spontaneous parent is certainly easier said than done, but the point is to truly live in the moment. Some days you just have to trade in your chores for a dance party in the middle of the living room with your kids, or a game of hide-and-seek (when you know exactly where your kid is hiding but act otherwise, meanwhile hearing them giggle the entire time).

Yes, you say, but how on earth do you live in the moment when your kid keeps complaining that they are bored? Instead of finding something to keep them occupied and out of the way, find an activity to do with them ... even if distracts you from your business for 15 minutes. There are opportunities in distractions! They don't have to be time consuming, just fun. Sometimes the sillier the “distraction,” the more fun your kid will have, like a silly face contest or making up new words to familiar songs. Spontaneous moments are especially beneficial on rainy days – of which we have a few in the PNW. Surprise your kids with a quick run through the rain or a puddle splashing adventure on the way to the mailbox..

When your children are grown and look back at their memories, the ones they will treasure most are the ones filled with laughter, happiness and fun, with meaningful family time.

Break the monotony of your daily routine occasionally and create a fun, memorable moment with your child! Share with us some of your most memorable spontaneous moments with your kids!

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