Return To Me

Quick, write down your five favorite hobbies BEFORE you became a Mom…okay, got them?

Now, quick, write down your five favorite hobbies AFTER you became a Mom (not related to your kiddo)…got them? Are you still thinking? Do you have two yet, three?

Amazing, isn’t it? We love being Moms and we love our kids, but along the way, it’s easy to lose us, to lose the hobbies that used to be so important to us before we had kids.

When was the last time you read a book about something other than parenting? Or brushed up on your horseback riding skills (putting your kid on a pony doesn’t count here!)?

If you were able to write down your five hobbies without a problem (you go girl!), here’s another story for you. A few months ago, in a Stroller Strides class, our instructor asked us to say something we were proud of about ourselves (other than our kids). We all had to stop and think about that. I know I easily had five different ways I was proud of my son, but finding one thing for which I was proud of myself took a little more effort.

What about your dreams? You know, when were a kid and wanted to be an Orca Whale trainer at Sea World or a third grade teacher? What do you want to be now (if the Mom title is all you need right now, that’s cool too; we agree, it's a pretty awesome job) or when your kids grow up? Do you think about it, ponder it? We have such incredible hopes and dreams for our kids – we need to have them, and we need to take the time to find them for ourselves too!

Being a Mom is the biggest blessing and gift in my life, but it is also the biggest challenge. When I heard about Emily McMason of Evolving Parents class “Return to Me,” it clicked; it made sense. It’s a class for parents to find out who they are outside of, and because of, the title of parent. It’s led by a PARENT and parent coach who can relate and expand on what we are searching for and feeling (not to mention as of yet, I have been unable to come up with a parenting question she can’t relate to and help me solve). I really believe that to be great parents, we have to take care of ourselves, and to take care of ourselves we have to know ourselves. My hope for “Return to Me” is to get to know (and rediscover) myself again.

So are you ready to grab a hot cup of tea or a glass of wine and join this journey with me?

Because Evolving Parents is a partner of FIT4MOM Olympia, you get to take advantage of a discount on the program.

Click HERE to head over to the Evolving Parents page and enter in your discount code: FIT4MOM to receive 15% off the Return To Me course.

Need a bit more information before fully committing, here is her latest podcast all about Return To Me. 12 mins is all you need.

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Stroller Strides (Late Spring-Fall): Pioneer Park
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