Random Acts of Kindness

Have you ever been the lucky recipient of a random act of kindness? Better yet, have you ever done a random act of kindness for someone? Most days of our lives we encounter and interact with strangers. These every day connections with other people occur when you are feeling your best and also when you may be at your worst. The same goes for the people we encounter. Yes, these people may be complete strangers, but at the base of it all we are all human beings. Gestures and actions of kindness do not need to be grandiose, but with the simple goal of spreading benevolent human kindness.

We have all had those days that seem as if a personal storm cloud is persistently hovering over our head. On those days, a little break in the clouds can go a long way for everyone on a better path, even if it's just for a moment. In that moment, we can sulk in the heartwarming wave of human kindness. Enjoy it. Appreciate it. Then, do a random act of kindness for someone else.

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