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Just Keep Swimming

This post on Facebook simultaneously made me giggle and roll my eyes -- and it reminded me of why I love Fit4Mom so much.

The giggle: We have ALL been where this woman is. (And if you haven’t, don’t talk to me right now!) Our lives, even when filled with blessings, can feel overwhelming -- like a wave crashing over us. Apropos for this metaphor I keep thinking of Finding Nemo … just keep swimming!

The eye-roll: While the image of a wave enveloping this woman feels accurate, it makes me want to roll my eyes. Really? You feel like you’re drowning -- with only a job, social life, and a workout? Part of me longs for those easy, breezy days. I want to scream (and I did on Facebook), “Try two jobs, two kids, and wedding planning … and in all my oodles of spare time, social life and workouts!” But the reality is that life is hard and overwhelming for everyone, and all in different ways. Maybe instead of the full-time job, you get to be around your kids. All. Day. LONG! With no breaks. And yearn for the minute your partner walks in the door so you can finally pee in private. Maybe you don’t have a partner to help you on your journey through parenthood. Maybe you have a special needs child and no one really understands what comes along with that. Hear me ladies: We ALL have moments when we feel like a single drop will tip the scale and drown us. So whatever you would add to the list, go right ahead and add it. Just because I don’t have some of the experiences others have or you don’t have the experiences I have doesn’t take away from either of us. Motherhood on its own is the hardest thing I’ve ever done and anything added to that can and does at times feel overwhelming. And that leads me to my final point.

Why I love Fit4Mom: Um … because it is amazing. When I became pregnant, I had no mom friends. I was terrified and lonely and thought I was the only woman on the planet who ever questioned her parenting skills. I wanted someone to understand me, but I didn’t want to constantly defend every action I took as a parent. My son was a year and a half before I braved a random Mommy Meet Up with Fit4Mom and found what I’d been yearning for. Scratch that … I NEEDED what I found with Fit4Mom.

This group of ladies is inspiring, motivating, uplifting, and every other positive adjective you can think of. I’ve seen the metaphorical wave crash on a mom as a kid’s tantrum brought her to tears. What did her Stroller Strides sisters do? They rushed over to embrace her and offer her support. I’ve seen: Meal Trains fill up when moms have had health issues or new babies joined our circle; parenting advice offered in non-judgmental ways; and life-long friendships bloom. These give me strength. And when I was ready to give up on my fitness journey or had a rough time with lingering post-partum depression issues, it was my Fit4Mom village that I turned to.

Plus, to state the obvious, working out with your friends? Um, yes, please! Two birds, one stone. And Fit4Mom works for all different moms. I love seeing moms work out with their kids at Stroller Strides. And on days that I work, the early-morning and evening times for Body Back fit into my schedule perfectly.

So, funny internet meme, I roll my eyes at you and say, “Bring it on!” Because through Stroller Strides and Body Back, I truly am Fit4Mom!



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