I see you.

Dear Moms,

I see you.

I’m not a mom, but as an auntie and honorary auntie of people who are now moms themselves (how in the world...?!), I get a chance from the fringes of your tribe to see you. Not a stalking sort of “see you” ... just noticing, appreciating, and being absolutely blown away by who and what you are and do.

I see you when I almost faint from reading your birth story, and realize no human can possibly bear giving birth. Yet somehow you did.

I see you when I grumble to myself about a restless night of sleep, yet there you are, going on night #2,496 of constant interruption with nursing, diaper changes, clothing changes, weeping (yours and the baby’s), and sleep so elusive that you feed the dog a bottle of warm milk and wonder why baby still seems hungry.

I see you when you sprint like a maniac to the shower in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, you’ll have time to get clean while the little prince sleeps.

I see you when you so desperately need time for yourself, yet can’t decide if it’s worth the guilt you feel from needing a break from the little cherubs/monsters.

I see you when you have already made coffee, served tiny chunks of breakfast to the tiny person in a high chair, fed the dog, baked granola, sent 15 work emails, planned 39 child-friendly outings, hired a new employee, and taught a Stroller Strides class ... while I’m still trying to get out of bed.

I see you when you are fully engrossed in the grown-up conversations yet somehow still fully aware of your wee ones in the next room.

I see you when your heart irreversibly puddles at the feeling of a tiny arm wrapped around yours while your chin rests gently on the silky-softness of baby crown.

I see you when smoke blows out your ears, yet you still somehow find a way to mold the situation into a teachable moment.

I see you when you get giddy about girls nights out, or 30 minutes at the bookstore by yourself, or 45 minutes working out (sweating, crying, kicking a**).

I see you when you get tears of longing when looking at a particularly luscious food photo simply because the food pictured is decadent, beautiful, and utterly self-indulgent.

I see you when you watch your little one dash around the park, hold her best friend’s hand, and discover miracle after miracle of nature.

I see you when you grin with glee, watching your little guy eat a rare treat of donut even though you’re sworn off sugar for a month b/c of Body Back self care.

I see you when you wish someone would take it all away... and when you wouldn’t give this away for the entire world.

I see you, because you are larger than life, stronger than a mountain, wiser than an ancient philosopher, more inspiring than the winningest Olympian, and capable of more shape-shifting moments than a Stretch Armstrong action figure.

I see you because I am so eager to find out what I learn next from you.

Thank you.

With love and awe,

Starla j.

Starla J. King is an editor, writing coach, and author who supports emerging writers as they become authors. She also delights in finding beauty in everyday life, as documented in her two books: Wide Awake. Every Day. Daily Inspiration for Conscious Living, and Wide Awake. Every Week. 52 Voices ~ 365 Aha! Moments (co-editor/co-publisher). Visit Starla and her work online at http://outwriteliving.com or on Facebook.

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